yossman.net IRC webchat - irc.yossman.net - byxnet (no encryption)
web-based IRC chat client.

click here to start chatting immediately, or read on for more information.

switch to secure mode for chat session (uses SSL encryption).

yossman.net uses CGI:IRC 0.5.9 for this service, more information on their project can be found at http://cgiirc.sourceforge.net/. some documentation that came with CGI:IRC is available, which will give you somewhat of an idea of what this CGI:IRC script is, and how to use it.

NOTE: you can use an older version of CGI:IRC for yossman.net in case you don't like the newer version of this tool. we've noticed the newer version uses ActiveX control(s) under microsoft internet explorer, which freaks some people out these days. this older version does not seem to run any activeX controls at all.

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